Drawing has been my favorite pastime for as long as I can remember. During middle school, I would doodle in my homework. After I completed an assignment, my teacher would draw stick figures to fend off the dragon I drew on the corner of my paper or draw an image of himself snorkeling in my make-believe ocean. His kind support inspired me to discover and experiment with different mediums for art, such as pottery, watercolor, and mixed media, and venture outside of my comfort zone.

Although I had no formal training in art, I combined my life experiences and imagination to express my creativity. I have taken art classes almost every year since then to refine my drawing skills. Although I draw to satisfy my passion for art, the praise I received from viewers for my work inspired me to share my talents with others. My pieces were displayed at art galleries in local museums and schools, and I gifted personal artwork to friends and family.

I also gained an appreciation for different styles of art. During my trip to Europe, I spent hours marveling at Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris and stood in awe at the base of the Sistine Chapel in Italy. These experiences deepened my interest for art, and I aspired to create my own unique pieces. Like most beginners, I began by imitating other people’s artistic styles. It wasn’t until after I had gradually refined my techniques, that I developed my own individual style and gained confidence in my abilities. The topics of my drawings matured with experience, and instead of drawing childish, cartoon characters, I sketched realistic drawings of people. I began to empathize with other people’s perspectives by asking them to tell me stories about their life, and I would practice sketching live models of people I meet in school or on the streets.

Now, armed with a paint brush, a palette, and my years of experience, I am excited to explore new opportunities in college and develop connections with diverse people to further my talents in art.

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