My violin is my source of pride and individuality. I was first introduced to the violin when I was five years old and have since then, gained unparalleled experience in the music community. Individually, I performed in recitals with a piano accompanist to polish my technical skills. I played first violin in the Just Chamber Music summer program, and I also joined the Giving Bach club at UCSB, where we perform at museums, school events such as open house, and retirement homes, etc. I enjoy creating a social network of people who shared the same passion for, and dedication to, music.

Simultaneously, I participated in larger ensembles. Through orchestras, I gained an appreciation for different genres of music from Baroque, Classical, to Pop. I auditioned into the Colorardo All-State Symphony orchestra, the Fossil Ridge HS orchestra, and the La Canada HS orchestra. I also received the “Outstanding Junior Award” and the "National School Orchestra Association Award" from La Canada HS because I led others during rehearsal, maintained a positive attitude, and organized violin sectionals for improvement. In my freshman year, I auditioned into the UCSB Chamber Orchestra for Fall and Winter quarter and played in their opera production "Mock Marriage" by Franz Lehar.

While I enjoy the thrill of performing music, I also share my talents and teach students beginning and intermediate violin outside of the classroom. I inspire my students by making creative and engaging lessons; I use towels to teach them proper positioning of their feet and use colorful stickers to teach them how to hold a bow correctly. I want to transmit my passion and creativity for music in my connection with my students. Overall, playing the violin has brought me my exceptional musical talent, the opportunity for leadership, and an incomparable network of like-minded musicians.